Cycling the Wakayama 800

As we loved cycling one of the world’s best cycling paths across the Seto Inland Sea, called Shimanami Kaido, we were eager to try out another route promoted to cyclists called “Wakayama 800” during a week-long trip this autumn. The route we chose was a mix of mountainside and seaside with some challenging climbs and…

Cycling Along Tottori’s Coastline (Pt. 3)

We suddenly found ourselves in a super efficient coin laundry to wash our clothes, conveniently located right next to a 7-11 convenience store AND ramen restaurant with excellent reviews AND a manga museum when it suddenly hit me: this is Japan!

Cycling Along Tottori’s Coastline

It’s already been three weeks since we’ve returned from our first one-week bikepacking trip to Tottori and Shimane prefectures, collectively known as “San’In”. This region calls upon tourists to “discover another Japan” and we think rightly so, as our trip started with walking on sand dunes, cycling up a cliffside path to see crystal clear water dotted with tiny islands, wandering through immaculate farmlands and ending our adventure by staying on a tiny island in the middle of on a lake.