Xixi Wetland Park, Hangzhou

In late October, one of my best friends from Germany came to visit us in Shanghai and apart from showing him all the main sights, rooftop bars and top restaurants in Shanghai, we took the train to discover Hangzhou and Suzhou. As I’ve seen quite a bit of the West Lake for my birthday weekend…

The top 5 things to do in Kuala Lumpur

This year we sucked it up and paid a bit more for our flights to be able to escape Shanghai for Golden Week. Last year, we’ve spent the national holiday in Shanghai as we didn’t know we had to book long in advance to be able to afford anything and also as we were new…

How to find the right apartment in Shanghai

Many new expats are put off by the thought of having to find an apartment or house by themselves, often in a very short time frame. Finding an apartment can be fairly easy, as there’s a lot of choice, but you need to decide quickly as new apartments on the market could go within days or even hours. This is my guideline based on personal experience to help you find the right apartment or house in Shanghai –

My birthday weekend in Hangzhou

Having talked about going to Hangzhou for easily a year, my birthday weekend seemed like the perfect occasion for a short getaway. Together with friends, we booked rooms at the Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale (sounds fancy, right?) which is situated at the top of Hangzhou’s main attraction and UNESCO world heritage sight: the West Lake….

Shanghai’s immaculate roads

With temperatures dropping to low twenties, Shanghai is finally getting ready for autumn. And that means, it’s so much more pleasant now to roam the streets. When we moved house in June from a big compound in a very local and pretty distant district to an old colonial French building on a quiet street in…