Roppongi Winter Illuminations

With temperatures dropping close to 0 °C, winter is in full swing in the Greater Tokyo area. Just before the second state of emergency was declared in December, we headed over to Roppongi to see the annual winter illuminations.

My first gif created from a short video at Roppongi.

At Roppongi station you can ascend an elevated platform for perfect views over the sparkling illuminations and also Tokyo tower! With the help of a little breeze, the branches gently sway and make it look as if there’s snowy glitter on the trees.

The Roppongi winter illuminations are absolutely stunning and probably, along with the Marunouchi illuminations near Tokyo station, my favourites!

Roppongi’s immaculate, posh shopping streets in winter.

I’m not even sure if the illuminations are still on each evening now, or if it has been stopped due to the state of emergency in Tokyo. If you haven’t seen the winter illuminations in Tokyo in real life, I hope that it gives you a glimpse of winter in Japan’s metropolis.

– Her

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  1. Lani says:

    So pretty!

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  2. Diana Mary Doherty says:

    So beautiful!

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