Kibi Plain Cycle in Okayama

Cycling in Japan’s countryside is exceptionally beautiful and if you find yourself in Okayama, make sure to explore the rural flatland called Kibi Plain by bike. Simply get on a 11-minute train from Okayama station to Bizen-Ichinomiya, rent a bike at the station and follow the rental shop’s cycling map or this online itinerary. This is a great one-day itinerary in Okayama for every season.

As soon as you’ll start cycling, you’ll find yourself surrounded by rice fields, mountainscapes, wildlife and a calm feeling of serenity.

Along the way, you can see Japanese architecture and small farms.

Once you’re on the ‘proper cycling route’ just follow the signs that will guide you to interesting sightseeing spots. You can cycle all the way to Soja station and return your bicycle there, but if I could do it again I would actually cycle close to Soja station where the cycling route ends and then turn around, as the one-way cycle is under 15km and doesn’t take too long.

Along the way, you can stop at small temples and observation points. We enjoyed stopping at the burial mound called Tsukuriyama Kofun, where you can climb up a little hill for nice views.

This path was towards the end of the cycling route near Soja station. I love the palm trees around Japan that give you this tropical vibe. It’s actually not visible on the photos but the day we cycled in the Kibi Plain, it was 41°C and I was so happy when thunder clouds appeared in the late afternoon, providing us with shade. One last thing I should also mention is that there are a few convenience stores along the main road, which is perfect for a little cycling snack or drink to refresh you along the way.

I hope you enjoyed this short online Kibi Plains cycling excursion. Looking back at these photos really makes me miss the Japanese countryside!

– Her

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  1. malbo35 says:

    I live in Okayama now. I have meaning to go biking one day on the Kibi Plain. Thanks for the information!

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    1. Enjoy your bike ride and living in Okayama!

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