Maokong Gondola: A Scenic Viewpoint with Tea Plantations in Taipei

When we boarded the train to Taipei Zoo station to get on the Maokong Gondola, we had no idea what to expect and were completely blown away by the whole trip, leading up to stunning mountain views. This was easily one of our best day trips in Taipei!

Taipei Zoo Station
Board the train to Taipei Zoo Station to reach the foot of Maokong Gondola

As Taipei’s summer weather changed from raining every afternoon and evening to just sunshine and blue skies every day, we decided to take this opportunity and finally visit the Maokong Gondola. We boarded the train towards Taipei Zoo where the gondola entrance is located, and were already amazed with the views from the train looking out to the more residential outskirts of Taipei on the hilltops. When we got on the Maokong Gondola, we were expecting just another ropeway ride up to the mountains, as we have done quite a few so far, most recently in Hiroshima, Sapporo and Toya in Hokkaido. However, this gondola ride lasted almost half an hour and took us through the valleys and mountains all the way up to Maokong, a tea plantation village in the suburbs of Taipei. Descending the gondola, we walked to a viewpoint and couldn’t believe the incredible view of the whole Taipei city with its surrounding mountains.

View on Taipei City from Maokong
The iconic 101 Tower, seen from Maokong

On the hilltops of Maokong there are quite a number of hiking trails, however, as it was getting late and we discovered a huge snake skin halfway on one of the paths to a temple, we decided to call it a day and watched the sunset from one of the tea houses.

Tea House in Maokong

Sunset over Taipei

Isn’t it such a great feeling, when you’re doing something that turns out to be so much better than expected? Despite the heat during Taiwan’s summer, we still forced ourselves out and did lots of different activities to experience as much of the local Taiwanese culture as possible. And it was worth it every time!

– Her

Have you been to Maokong? Where is your favourite viewpoint in Taipei?

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  1. Great post! Is it recommended to go Maokong in November?

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    1. Yes, definitely!

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