A perfect day in Fukuoka: Nokonoshima Island and Fukuoka Tower

Since the start of our holiday, travelling from Fukuoka to Hiroshima and Naoshima Island, it quickly became a running gag that I want to visit every tower. I do really like visiting towers in Japan, as every tower’s architecture is unique, you get a good view over the city and ocean, but I also really like how they try to make it a special experience. And with special I mean, when we entered Fukuoka tower, there was a tower mascot that high-fived me! Haha!

Fukuoka Tower
Fukuoka Tower

Fukuoka Tower really exceeded our expectations and it definitely helped that we came on a day with bright blue skies. We had to wait a little while for the lift, but as you wait, you can look up through this amazing architecture:

Inside Fukuoka Tower, waiting for the lift.

The views from Fukuoka Tower are incredible, as you get to see the city and its connection to the mountains, little islands and the sea. No wonder this city is currently becoming more and more popular amongst Korean, Chinese and Japanese tourists!


I was surprised when I found out that there is a ship going from Fukuoka to South Korea, albeit this suggestion of mine was immediately rejected by my mum, as this would be yet another country where we don’t understand the language. The Japanese classes (once per week) are going slow. Very slow.

Ferry to Nokonoshima Island

So instead, we hopped on the ferry to Nokonoshima Island which we had spotted from the tower. It was a quick, 10 minute ferry ride over to the island and before shore leave, the island had already cast its magic spell on us.

Turquoise water surrounding the tropical island Nokonoshima

After Japanese curry udon and sushi lunch on the island (which was not as good as it sounds), we decided to rent bicycles to get around the island quicker. Fortunately for me, there were not enough mountain bikes left, and I got an electric pedal assist bike! When we looked at the map and decided to go all the way to the other side of the island on the ‘cherry tree lane’ (despite no cherry blossoms being in season at that time), we cycled up and up the hills and I was so thankful for my electric bike. We cycled with stunning views of the deep blue ocean, tall palm trees and an abundance of orange trees.

Just another lemon tree…
Quick photo stop!

When we reached the top at the other side of the island, we had reached the entrance of the island’s famous flower park… but unfortunately, they were about to close and we had to get our rental bikes back in time! A reason to return to Nokonoshima.

Cafe on Nokonoshima Island

We cycled back a slightly different route to the ferry station, past a few small temples and the island harbour, and I noticed this colourful cafe. However, we decided to make it on the next ferry instead of sitting down for a coffee. It has been a long, eventful day!

– Her

Have you been to Nokonoshima’s flower park? 

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  1. Absolutely beautiful!!! I haven’t been to Nokonoshima but I’d love to go in the future!! ❤️

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