Spring has arrived in Yokohama (or is it Summer now..?)

The weather in Yokohama is so similar to the one in Shanghai – one day you’re cold and wondering whether to turn another heater on, and the next day you’re not just ditching your jacket, but also applying sunscreen.


One of the things I feel so grateful about is being able to go for a walk at lunchtime past beautiful trees, flowers and views over the city center. In Shanghai, our workplace was so far out of the city, there was nothing closeby and a long bus ride was necessary to get back home. So many hours wasted sitting on that stuffy, noisy bus!


And now I enjoy spending every sunny lunch break outside, and even walking to and from work, which takes me half an hour but is a wonderful walk past boutique shops, stunning architecture and cherry trees.


Most days when it’s sunny, I walk to this viewpoint by the Foreign Cemetery in Yokohama, to check if Mount Fuji is visible. But, alas, it is so temperamental. A few clouds on the horizon and it’s hiding behind them.


Since I have a professional camera, I enjoy the beauty of things in Japan even more, trying to capture little details and compositions that I notice around me.


I hope that spring sticks around for a while, before we enter a sticky hot summer. Can’t wait for the cherry blossom season to start in a few days!

– Her

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