Art Deco & ultra fashion in Meguro

Christmas is always the busiest seasons of them all! Which is my excuse of only writing about our little adventure in Meguro now. After having visited the Hida Takayama Museum of Art on holiday in the Japanese Alps, we rediscovered our love for art deco. As we read about the French art deco exhibition at Teien Art Museum in Meguro, it seemed like the perfect excuse for another weekend getaway to Tokyo. As most art museums in Japan, the entrance ticket is quite expensive (¥1,200), but it was worth it as the exhibition is set amidst the former residence of Prince Asaka. After simultaneously exploring the rooms and exhibition, the autumn weather allowed for a stroll through the beautiful Japanese gardens.

Autumn colours coming through. Doesn’t the teahouse in the background look cosy?

It’s a beautiful 30-minute walk from Meguro to Naka-Meguro along the ‘cherry blossom lane’ which seemed like the right thing to do on a Sunday afternoon! Of course, this time of the year it’s more of an autumn leaf lane.

IMG_6209IMG_6201IMG_6197IMG_6177 And then we got to Naka-Meguro and what can I say… if you’re looking for a $100 scented candle, then that’s the place to go! Every shop and every person on the street looked so ultra hip and fashionable, I suddenly felt really shabby in my ordinary clothes. The variety of small restaurants along the canal is incredible and in the end, we managed to find a restaurant-cafe-bar called Frames, that serves brunch until 6pm (I thought this kind of thing only existed in Berlin), homemade coffee-shochu and other weird and wonderful things in a casual easy-going atmosphere. Needless to say, we’ve already been back there for a second round of brunch!

– Her

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