Tokyo Photography Walk: Tsukishima & Tsukuda

22°C sunshine on a beautiful November day in Tokyo! That just calls for exploring one of Tokyo’s ‘best towns’ (according to Metropolis) Tsukishima and neighbouring Tsukada. An autumn stroll along the river at Tsukuda Park lifted our weekend mood and brought us deeper into Tsukishima, exploring little alleys and tasting the local food in Tsukishima’s Monja Street. Ever since we did our first photography walk with Franc Peret in Shanghai, we are constantly on the lookout for the small details as we make our way through the urban residential neighbourhoods.

For some reason, this scene really reminds me of Shanghai…
Time for a portrait of her cute little dogs! #notjudging
There are so many details in the photos that I love: the plant’s purple colour, the framed picture, the wires across it and the paint peeling off in the background…
Japan is full of retro bikes! It’s a pity that they’re too small for us.

After we had explored pretty much every corner of Tsukishima and the sun was about to set, we crossed the Kachidoki Bridge to head over to Ginza!

Structures & Reflections

What a surprise to see this temple that we hadn’t even heard of before!

Tsukiji-Hongwanji Temple
Purple skies as Tokyo is about to get ready for its nightlife.

– Her

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