Minatomirai – beautiful in the day, spectacular at night

Minatomirai 21 is Yokohama’s new urban central business district and probably the most popular place for sightseeing in Yokohama. The name ‘Minatomirai 21’ was selected in a public poll and means ‘Port of the future in the 21st century’. It’s the perfect place for shopping, relaxing, photography strolls, visiting museums and even for a roller coaster or ferris wheel ride at CosmoWorld! Hope you enjoy these photos taken in the Minatomirai area from daytime to nighttime –

Sail Training Ship ‘Nippon Maru’ and Cosmo Clock 21 in the background


You can see some incredible sunsets in Yokohama!
The famous skyline with Yokohama Landmark Tower on the left and Cosmo Clock 21 on the right
It’s such a different atmosphere at night in Minatomirai!

One of the major differences between Central Europe and East Asia is that the sun sets very early (usually by 6pm) here all year round, whereas it’s bright daylight until 10pm in the summer in Central Europe. I was really shocked when I first moved to Asia and realised it’s getting dark so early, and again shocked when I came back to Europe for the first time in two years and realised that the sun was up until as late as 10pm. However, the big difference is that in Germany shops close early (and are not open at all on a Sunday) whereas in Asia there are 24-7 convenience stores everywhere and it feels very lively on the streets in the evenings with lots of bright, colourful street lights and LED displays on the tall buildings. That often makes the Asian cities more fun and vibrant than in the daytime!

– Her


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