Vietnamese egg coffee


I was so happy when I spotted Cafe Giang in Yokohama’s Chinatown, as this was our favourite place in Hanoi for egg coffee! Having an egg coffee was a routine whilst on holiday in Vietnam in February and became one of our fondest memories, especially of Hanoi. When we returned from our holiday, we even looked up recipes and tried to make our own egg coffee, but failed miserably. Until recently, we were sure that finding egg coffee shops anywhere outside of Vietnam would be impossible until one fine evening we just stumbled across one!

If you’ve never had egg coffee before, you should definitely try it. The bitter, strong coffee combined with a thick, creamy, sweet layer on top is just the perfect combination. It’s a little pricey to get it in Japan (about 500 yen), but a real treat and you can even get it in combination with rum, chocolate or matcha. We’ve already been to Cafe Giang in Yokohama three (or four?) times since we discovered it – next time it’s definitely time for a rum egg coffee!

– Her


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