Tiger Hill in Suzhou

Once upon a time, a white tiger appeared on the hill to guard it after the burial of King Helü, king of the state Wu until 496 BC … or so the legend says!

Once we started exploring the gardens around the pagoda, we left the crowds behind us.

After a day of Suzhou’s parks and gardens, we decided to head to Tiger Hill which features a leaning pagoda that was built in the 10th century. Fortunately it was easy walking up the little hill to get to the pagoda – but we found the view up to the pagoda from the little ancient gardens surrounding the hill more peaceful and impressive.

Ancient gardens nestled along the Tiger Hill

Can you believe that two weekends ago when we visited Suzhou it was 19°C sunshine and we walked around the hillside and gardens without jackets? I hope that the weather forecast is true and we’ll get this spring weather again starting tomorrow!

Bonsai garden and ancient Chinese architecture

This is the place that I loved the most at Tiger Hill. The architecture of the house reminds me of Japanese temples and castles that we have visited last year in Kyoto. And what makes an ancient Chinese or Japanese garden complete? Bonsai trees!


Out weekend getaway from Shanghai to Suzhou felt exciting, relaxing and peaceful especially when we visited Tiger Hill and strolled along Chinese style pavilions, gardens and along the canal and tree dotted river.

– Her


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  1. Marta says:

    I also like Tiger Hill! But… the entrance ticket is too expensive!

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