Fresh sushi, Australian steak and Belgian beer at the K11 Art Mall

It’s a while since I have blogged here. It’s been a busy few weeks! So now that the initial shock of living in China is slightly subsiding (it already feels like we’ve been here forever!) we’ve decided this blog could usefully serve as a place to review the many excellent eating and drinking places that Shanghai has to offer. We’re really spoiled for incredible and affordable international food in Shanghai but today’s trip was to the K11 art mall near Huangpi South Road metro station. On entering the basement it was hard to know where to look amongst the bustle, but we were immediately drawn towards a crowded sushi stand. The chefs were constantly chopping fish to keep up with the high demand for sushi dishes from eager customers and so we joined the line. I can honestly say that sushi for me is on occasions a slightly bland experience, but this was the freshest and juiciest fish I had ever tasted – astonishingly good.

Next up, just across the foyer was a milk tea stand offering every flavour under the sun. I chose stewed coconut tea and she went for a more conservative iced lemon tea, but neither of us were disappointed.

We started to leave the food court but made a rapid U turn after passing an ‘Australian’ style steak place that was serving chopped steaks on a bed of salad to swarms of people. One of the best steaks I’ve tasted for a long time, and reasonably priced too at 94 rmb for a huge stack of seasoned meat. Suitably stuffed we made one final indulgence: a ‘Flying Dog’ beer from the specialty beer stand across the food court. An impressive and extensive range of boutique Belgian style beers that hipster off licenses in Europe would be proud of (but a lot cheaper: again, impressive, considering these bottles have been shipped from afar).

Wasn’t overly taken with the pretentious designer outlets on the upper floors of the K11 mall, but the basement food court alone justifies the trip. We will definitely be back.

– Him


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