When one door closes…

imageI can’t even tell you how many times in the past weeks I’ve consciously acknowledged that I’m doing something for the last time – the last Pilates session in my regular class, the last time we went to our favourite restaurant near our flat, the last time I went home to see my family for a long time – and last Friday was my last day of work followed by many goodbye drinks with my dear colleagues.

However sad I’ve felt in the past weeks that my days in the UK are counted for now, there are so many things I can’t wait to do. That moment when we’re all packed and will leave the flat. That moment when we’re on the plane to Shanghai and there is no turning back. That moment when we arrive in our new flat and unpack. Meeting our new colleagues, making new friends, our first proper Asian meal, making travel plans, embracing the hot weather, our first days at work… the list goes on and on!

Our UK door has closed for now so we can enter the door to Shanghai. To new adventures and a new life!

– Her


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