All set… are we?

Growing up in the EU, I had completely forgotten (or ignored) the fact, that you actually need to get a working visa if you want to work in another country, that does not belong to the EU. (It will be interesting, or rather daunting, to see, how this will change in the UK after the big Brexit.)

After an almost three week wait and tons of scanned documents later, we were finally informed that my working visa application has been accepted. So now it is official: we are really going to move to Shanghai in the beginning of August!

This means that in less than four weeks we will be on a plane to a foreign land. I feel like we should be terrified, but at the moment I feel sad about leaving my friends and family behind in Europe mixed with the excitement of exploring a new culture.

Tomorrow, my boss and I will announce my leaving to the team and at the end of next week, I will fly home to tell the rest of my family.

So this is it, the start of a great adventure and possibly a life changing experience.

PS: Better start reading those books and guides about Shanghai and China!

– Her


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