Even more surprised!

This had initially started as quite a disappointment. A rejection from a job I had really wanted in Europe. The last thing I had expected was a contingency job offer from the same company in Shanghai. Was this the capital of China, or was that Beijing? A few Google searches later and the idea is massively growing on me. I’d found out that it isn’t the capital, apparently, but this place looks exciting! And think of the travel opportunities: Philippines at Christmas, Japan at half term? Okinawa! I’d read about Okinawa – this looks close! I had been genuinely worried that she wouldn’t entertain the idea of moving though. Her job was going well and she had previously told me she only wanted to work in Europe to be close to her parents. Could I persuade her to go? How would I phrase it to convince her? I was genuinely shocked when i saw that she wanted to go! She tells me that she’d already studied Chinese for 6 months at University (how had I not known this?) and that a lot of her friends were relatively near there. How wrong could I be?

Then things started to get complicated! As I still had some interviews to go for Shanghai, I agreed to go to an interview at a new College in Leeds, as kind of a back-up. Rather close to home, and not originally expecting much, but I loved it there! I would be entirely responsible for music at the College and would be consulted with the design of a new multi-million pound facility department opening next year. Such a dream job! I couldn’t believe my luck when I was offered the job!  How would I be able to choose? A step into the unknown for an adventure with her, or a step into the familiar with a job here? How could a decision between two dream opportunities cause so much pain! In the end I went with my Dad’s advice. Without knowing how either job will work out, which job would I most regret not taking in 10 years time? Time to take a risk: we’re off to Shanghai!



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  1. Greta says:

    Best choice! Wish you tons of luck!


    1. Thanks, Greta!

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