So, one night I come home from work, pumped from all the exciting events that happened that day. I finally got a German Assistant at work, who will help me grow the German market, but also, who I can chat to in German and get nostalgic about German culture and old habits. Finally back from work, I come home with a glow, telling my boyfriend about this fantastic change at work and me, finally, being truly happy in the UK and in my job.

Unexpectedly, he doesn’t cheer supportively as he usually does, but instead looks at me with a very serious face and says that he is happy for me, yet has received a job offer for him and me in a country, we have never considered working and living in before. Asking me to be open-minded when reading the e-mail with the job offer and its location, I approach his computer, open the e-mail and see… a job offer for both of us in Shanghai!

I instantly felt like this suits us and is somewhere I would find fascinating to go. Excitedly, I called my parents and messaged my best friends and they all had the same reaction – first they were shocked about us going to a far country, but eventually they realised what a big opportunity it is and got excited about us potentially going. My Asian friends from my Master’s course were just over the moon and already sent me survival tips and made plans of visiting each other.

What we didn’t realise back then – the other opportunities holding us in the UK and the vast preparation it actually take to move to and work in China…



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